A Slight Change in Scope

A new day brings forth a new dream.  I originally established this blog so that I could document the lives and times of my Lemon family ancestors.  It seemed like a great idea to dedicate a blog to each family line I was researching.  I have since decided that that is impractical and rather time consuming.

So, this first posting in my blog with its redefined scope is basically going to be a listing of the different lines that I am researching.  Hopefully, if I do this correctly, it will serve as a pointer in search engines for others who are interested in the same families that I am.  Fingers crossed.

Aeschbacher Family: the Aeschbacher’s originated in Lützelflüh, Switzerland.

Aldington Familythe Aldington family emigrated from England to Australia at the turn of the Twentieth century.  They originate in London and Much Wenlock, Shropshire.

Butterworth FamilyRobert Butterworth emigrated to South Australia in the 1870’s from Liverpool, England. 

Lane Familyinterested in the family of George Lane of Stepney.  He lived in the East End at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  His son, Thomas James, emigrated to NSW, Australia with his family in the 1850’s.

Lemon Familyoriginally from County Down in Ireland, the Lemons emigrated to Australia in the nineteenth century and settled in Goulburn, NSW where they established a small business, T J Lemon & Sons.

Miles FamilyWilliam Henry Miles emigrated to Sydney, NSW from Bristol in 1879 and became a successful businessman.  He owned property in and around Sydney as well as in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

Scarlett Familythe Scarlett family were miners who emigrated from Durham, England to the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.  My ancestor, Henry Scarlett was a miner in Greta, NSW.

BTW … the first few posts have been posted on the same day as I ditched my first blog and recreated it so that I could use the domain name laneyspast.wordpress.com.  Apologies for any confusion I’ve caused.

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