The Lemons of Goulburn

I’ve decided to concentrate the next few posts on the Lemon family of Goulburn. There are two good reasons to do so. The first is that I am finding a wealth of information within the newspaper articles listed in Trove. The second is that my great aunt, a Lemon from Goulburn, turned 90 this year and I would like to have it finished for her to see.

I am hoping it will have the added benefit of sorting the family in my own mind. This post will primarily list the members of the family. As I write biographies for each individual, I will update this page with the relevant links. For now, I have added links to obituaries that I have found within Trove.

The story of the Goulburn Lemons begins with Robert Lemon and his wife, Margaret (nee Oliver). According to Robert’s death certificate, the family arrived in NSW c 1865. Robert and Margaret had nine children:

  1. Mary Jane Lemon (known in the family as Jane). 1861-1948
  2. James Thomas Lemon (founder of the J T Lemon store in Goulburn). 1865-1919 (obit). Married Mary Jane Faulder in 1889 (obit). They had seven children:
      1. Frederick James Wentworth Lemon. 1890-1938 (obit)
      2. Ethel May Lemon. 1891-1973
      3. Dorothy Faulder Lemon. 1894-1937 (obit)
      4. Robert Bruce Lemon. 1894-1967
      5. Harry Lemon. 1897-1904 (coroner’s findings)
      6. James Leslie Lemon (known in the family as Leslie). 1899-1918 (obit)
      7. Sydney Lemon. 1901-1959
  3. William John Lemon. 1867-1942 (obit). Married Abenia Pinn in 1892. They had four children:
      1. Lina Doris Lemon. 1893-1966
      2. Nellie Lemon. 1896-1896 (died at 12 weeks)
      3. Harry Marcus Lemon. 1897-1961
      4. William Ernest Lemon. 1903-1977
  4. Robert Lemon. 1869-1937 (obit). Married Florence Mustard in 1897. They had four children:
      1. Clara Lemon. 1897-1922 (obit)
      2. Harold William Lemon. 1902-1955
      3. Dorothy Mabel Florence Lemon. Born 1905
      4. Amy Olive Lemon. Born 1910.
  5. Samuel Henry Lemon. 1872-1912 (obit). Married Mabel Curtis in 1902. They had two children:
      1. Thelma Maud Lemon. 1903-1919
      2. John Lemon. 1904-1975
  6. Charles Lemon. 1871-1871
  7. George Charles Lemon. 1875-1918 (obit).
  8. Margaret Amelia Lemon. 1877-1950. Married Richard Stephensen in 1898. They had one child:
      1. Marjory Stephensen. Born 1899
  9. Lesley Thomas Lemon. 1879-1956. Married Lillian Russell in 1910.
      1. Lloyd Lemon. Born 1910
      2. Oliver Lemon. Born 1915
      3. Warwick Lemon. Born 1916
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