My Ancestor Score

I saw this idea on Barbara Schmidt’s blog and was instantly curious to see what mine was. The table below shows the results.Ancestor ScoreGeneration 7 is the generation that were born in the late 1700’s and can generally be found in the census data and would explain why I have found 80% of them. Looking through the census data helped me to quickly determine who was who as did the publishing of the London Archives images. Quite a few of my lines passed through London in the 19th century.

Generation 8-13 require work looking parish records. As most records are not online and are not indexed, it is a time consuming process that can’t easily be undertaken from a distance. If we were to look my percentage to generation 10 (bc I want to make it look better) I have found 20% of my ancestors. Still lots of work to go but not as scary daunting.

What I love about this spreadsheet is how it quickly highlights where I should be concentrating my research efforts to identify new ancestors.

As I am currently trying to write bios on identified ancestors, I thought it would also be helpful to note how many I have achieved so far.

Generation 4 = 2/8 (25%)
Generation 5 = 5/16 (31%)
Generation 6 = 4/32 (12%)
Generation 7 = 2/64 (3%)
Generation 8 = 2/128 (1.5%).

That’s a total of 15/248 (6%). Still some work to go.

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2 Responses to My Ancestor Score

  1. geeze.. you are way better than me 😉 glad you liked it!

    • Laney says:

      It is possible that I have an advantage. I’m a generation younger than most researchers. It’s a great idea and is already helping me to focus where to concentrate my writing.

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