52 Ancestors – #13 Elizabeth Scarlett

The house where Elizabeth lived in her last days

The house where Elizabeth lived in her last days

Elizabeth Scarlett was the youngest child of William Scarlett and Isabella Brown. She was born in 1869 (baptised in Feb 1869) in Page Bank, Durham in the UK. William was a coal miner who worked in various mines in Durham (evidenced by the varied birth places of his children). In Oct 1870, Elizabeth’s mother, Isabella dies of Philisis Pulmonalis or, as we know it, tuberculosis.

In 1871, the family are living together in Page Bank. At the age of 2, Elizabeth is listed as a scholar. Ten years later in 1881, Elizabeth is living with her brother, Henry (my great great grandfather) at her sister, Mary’s house in Page Bank. In 1876, Mary had married Thomas Waugh, a local coal miner.

In 1886, Elizabeth travelled to Australia with the Waugh family aboard the Energia. The Energia left from Plymouth on 8 April 1886 carrying 624 assisted immigrants. Due to a measles outbreak on board, the Energia went to the Quarantine Station at Spring Cove, Manly. The passengers stayed there about 5 days (Friday to Tuesday) where the ship was fumigated and the passengers clothes cleaned. Apparently the passengers were “highly respectable” and behaved well on the journey.

I think that Elizabeth and the Waugh’s travelled to Wollongong (as Mary’s son, Henry was born in Wollongong in 1887. George Waugh was born in Greta in 1889) and then to the Hunter Valley to join Elizabeth’s brother, George, who had emigrated in 1876. We know that George had been keen for his family to join him as there are records of him placing deposits for his siblings to immigrate in 1882.

In 1890, Elizabeth married Peter Horridge of Lancashire origins in Hawthorn, Victoria. I know that Elizabeth met Peter in Greta as in an advertisement for his business, Alexander & Co, states that he is “late of Greta”. Within the first five years of emigrating to Australia, Elizabeth has moved to the Hunter Valley (possibly Wollongong as well), to Victoria where she married Peter and then on to Quantong near Horsham where Peter set up a Planting & Pruning business with two men from Mildura.

In 1906, The Chronicle newspaper of Adelaide comments, “Mr P Horridge, who is one of the pioneer settlers on the Quantong irrigation colony  has sold his orchard and will be leaving the district shortly.” By 1909, Peter and Elizabeth are living in Tunstall near Mitcham as an orchardist. The irony – Peter and Elizabeth were probably living within 2 kilometres of my house.

By 1919, Peter and Elizabeth are living at Hawthorn (pictured). Peter died in 1922 – the “dearly beloved husband of Lizzie.” Peter and Elizabeth had no children however the ties with family were still strong. Peter was an uncle to his wife’s nieces and nephews and was remembered fondly in the funeral notices.

After Peter’s death, Elizabeth stayed in Hawthorn in their home. She passed away in 1942.

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