Hi. My name’s Kim Robinson and this is my family history blog. After nearly fifteen years of research, I am now ready to start fleshing out the stories of the people who appear on the branches of my tree.

As with all families, there are some characters. My interest in their stories have been generated through family lore or my own research. With every piece of information that answers a question, another is posed. It’s fascinating, it’s rewarding, it’s exciting, it’s time consuming. I love it.

Here is a list of some of surname interests.

Aeschbacher Family: the Aeschbacher’s originated in Lützelflüh, Switzerland. My great grandfather, Hans (Jack) Aeschbacher emigrated to Australia in 1920’s.

Aldington Familythe Aldington family emigrated from England to Australia at the turn of the Twentieth century.  They originate in London and Much Wenlock, Shropshire. The family emigrated to Australia in 1909.

Brand Familythe Brand family are from Edinburgh, Scotland. Jesse Brand married into the Aldington family and left Scotland forever.

Butterworth FamilyRobert Butterworth emigrated to South Australia in the 1870’s from Liverpool, England. 

Dawson Familythe Dawson family are from Renhold in Bedfordshire. They emigrated to New South Wales in the late 1840’s and settled in the Armidale area.

Faulder Familythe Faulder family originate in Sebergham, Cumberland. My ancestor Joseph Faulder emigrated to New South Wales in 1841 and settled in Yass.

Fuller Familythe Fuller family are from Mildenhall, Suffolk. My ancestor Thomas was sent to New South Wales in chains on the Prince George. He settled at Lochinvar in the Hunter Valley.

Johnston Family: Charles Johnston, a miner, born in Antrim, Ireland. He emigrated first to Lanarkshire and then later to NSW.

Jörg Familythe Jörg family are from Berne, Switzerland. Emma Jörg married into the Aeschbacher family.

Lane Familyinterested in the family of George Lane of Stepney.  He lived in the East End at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  His son, Thomas James, emigrated to NSW, Australia with his family in the 1850’s.

Lemon Familyoriginally from County Down in Ireland, the Lemons emigrated to Australia in the nineteenth century and settled in Goulburn, NSW where they established a small business, J T Lemon & Sons.

Miles FamilyWilliam Henry Miles emigrated to Sydney, NSW from Bristol in 1879 and became a successful businessman.  He owned property in and around Sydney as well as in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

Ryan Familythe Ryan family are from Tipperary in Ireland. Mathew Ryan was given a free ticket to New South Wales in 1816 aboard The Guildford. Mathew settled and grew prosperous in the Illawarra region of New South Wales.

Scarlett Familythe Scarlett family were miners who emigrated from Durham, England to the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.  My ancestor, Henry Scarlett was a miner in Greta, NSW.

Snedden Family: John Snedden, a miner from Lanarkshire, emigrated to the Hunter Valley, NSW.

West Familythe West family originate in Cottingham, Northamptonshire. John West emigrated to South Australia aboard the Marion in 1849. They settled in Norton’s Summit, South Australia. Charlotte West married into the Butterworth family.


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  1. GeniAus says:

    Kim, Have you considered joining Australian Local & Family History Bloggers Group on Facebook? https://www.facebook.com/groups/1070035523030558/

  2. P says:

    You might not see this (because you haven’t touched this in so long), but I am related to the Dawsons and Lanes. I see you are too, so I would like to collab on our trees! This is the only way I can message you, as I’m not an ancestry member. My username is zoppy5 if you want to message me. ~P

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