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52 Ancestors Wk7 – Dorothy Aldington

The beauty of the 52 Ancestors challenge is how it is stretching my blog posts to cover some of my ancestors that I have been avoiding writing about. Previously I have procrastinated, become lost in research and struggled to write … Continue reading

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52 Ancestors Wk2 – Henry Innalls Aldington

Henry Innalls Aldington is my great great grandfather on my mother’s side. He was born on 25 Oct 1857 to William Aldington and Rebecca (nee Innalls). The family were living in Goodge St, Camdon in London and his father was … Continue reading

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A Slight Change in Scope

A new day brings forth a new dream.  I originally established this blog so that I could document the lives and times of my Lemon family ancestors.  It seemed like a great idea to dedicate a blog to each family … Continue reading

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