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52 Ancestors – #13 Elizabeth Scarlett

Elizabeth Scarlett was the youngest child of William Scarlett and Isabella Brown. She was born in 1869 (baptised in Feb 1869) in Page Bank, Durham in the UK. William was a coal miner who worked in various mines in Durham … Continue reading

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The Wandering Miner

As someone who has spent a good portion of her life moving, I’m always interested in those ancestors I find who also had a nomadic type lifestyle. Since in every line, there is at least one group who moved out … Continue reading

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Searching for Catherine (Part 2)

I didn’t feel comfortable finishing my last post part way through the story of Catherine. I did so because I was conscious of the word limit. I would like to keep my posts shorter so that people can read them … Continue reading

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Searching for Catherine (part 1)

I love mysteries.  I don’t enjoy murder mysteries.  I don’t like crime thrillers.  However, I do love to entangle the puzzle that is the mysterious person who is hanging on a branch of your family tree.  They are surrounded by … Continue reading

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A Slight Change in Scope

A new day brings forth a new dream.  I originally established this blog so that I could document the lives and times of my Lemon family ancestors.  It seemed like a great idea to dedicate a blog to each family … Continue reading

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